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Shakespeare and His Work

  1. Shakespeare's plays form one of the greatest literary legacies in the world. How many plays did he write and in what categories are Shakespeare's plays classified? Name three plays from each category. What was the First Folio?

  2. Shakespeare's plays continue to be performed all over the world in hundreds of live theater performances and festivals. List 10 theaters or companies which are dedicated to performing the Bard's works. Why is Shakespeare considered the greatest writer in English literature?

  3. Shakespeare's influence is immense. Find three illustrations of Romeo and Juliet. List the artist, the year and where the work is house, if available. Why did you choose these illustrations? What do you feel is depicted in each of the illustrations? What kinds of feelings are evoked in you when looking at these illustrations?

  4. Shakespeare is quoted more often than we realize. Do you know any? Which are the three most famous ones , say what they mean and in which play and context they occur.

  5. Under what category should Romeo and Juliet really be classified? Do you agree? What are the three most important themes in Romeo and Juliet according to this site? Do you agree?

Shakespeare's Life

  1. Shakespeare's original home in Stratford-Upon-Avon has been restored and now accomodates visitors from around the world. One what street was Shakespeare's birthplace located?

  2. Shakespeare's father had a special section of the house designed for his business. What business what Shakespeare's father in? Was Shakespeare's family 'in good standing'? Would Shakespeare's family been considered rich or poor?

  3. Where was Shakespeare buried? What does his epitaph say?

  4. Some very important events mark Shakespeare's life. What happened in Shakespeare's life in the years 1564? 1577? 1584? 1592? 1594-95?

  5. There is a period in Mr. William Shakespeare's life in which scholars have very little information about Shakespeare. These are often refered to as 'The Lost Years.' What years are these? What do scholars believe happened during this time?

The Shakespeare Mystery

The debate whether William Shakespeare actually wrote all his works has been a hot topic since the 1700s.

  1. What are the origins of this mystery?

  2. Three other possibilities in the authorship debate. Who are these three proposed authors?

  3. How are they each believed to be the true author?

  4. Who are the Stratfordians and who are the Oxfordians and what do they believe?

  5. The actor Michael Dunn plays the role of a famous English detective to find out about Shakespeare. Who is this detective and what is the name of the writer who created him? What does the detective conclude ?

Shakespeare's School and Times

  1. Make a list of the languages the boys learned at school.

  2. When was the Education Act enacted? Briefly deescribe the Education Act.

  3. Where were the girls educated?

  4. Who used to perform the female roles in Shakespeare's times?

  5. Who composed Shakespeare's audience? Did the Queen come to the Globe?

Shakespeare and the Globe

  1. What year did the original Globe Theatre open?

  2. Why did they build The Globe if there was already a theater in London?

  3. Which play was being performed when a fire burned down the Globe in 1613?

  4. Why was it difficult to have precise facts about the size, shape and location of the original Globe?

  5. Are there any differences between the original and the modern Globe? If yes, what?

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